Since our launch in 2018 we advocate a more slow and ethical view of fashion, following a concept of seasonless collections: collections produced in small quantities, prioritizing local production, handmade manufacturing and a timeless design focused on high quality materials.

But our two latest launches mark a transition that consolidates our eco-conscious approach, by reviewing the materials used in search of more ecological alternatives: Chloé Bordeaux and Félicie Bordeaux are crafted from certified sustainable premium leather from Italy, and our new shoe linings are chrome-free.

With this new direction we commit to use exclusively leathers that have an ecological certification or whose tanning method is, by nature, more sustainable, whether due to vegetable tanning, or the absence of chromium or metals in its composition. This way we can guarantee work systems that are more respectful to people and the planet.

We’re also excited to be currently testing an innovative bio-based microfiber made from cereals and recycled polyester produced from plastic bottles, as we’d like to include vegan styles in our collection, so we hope we can show you more about this in the near future.

Our environmental care is not limited to the materials that make up the footwear but rather a mindset that guides the entire creative process — from the note cards paper to the adhesive tape used in the shipments, we try to be thoughtful on every step of the way.

We’ve gathered all the details regarding the materials we use and the suppliers that help us in this mission on our Sustainability page.
This is an ongoing process as we’re always looking for ways to improve our practices, so we’ll be updating all the information there.